How Transitions work

In 1990 Transitions Optical were the first company to introduce a plastic photo-chromic lens which allows the lens to adjust and adapt to the change of light. Transitions Optical have been extensively researching and developing photo-chromic lenses for over 20 years. Transitions Optical offer a vast selection of materials, designs and a variety of lens combinations making them the top recommended photo-chromic lenses in the world.

Transition Optical are continuously working to create innovative products that will improve darkness, colour, response time to light, clarity and the speed of fading in and out of light. With the use of cutting edge technology, Transitions Optical have created lenses that turn dark when exposed to UV light. They offer the ultimate in comfort and protection against UVA and UVB rays whilst reducing glare and help prevent tired eyes. The lenses can be customised to fit any prescription and frame.

Transitions® lenses react to the changing light conditions to ensure amazing clarity and protect you from glare and UV light. Whether you spend a lot of time working outdoors or playing sports, there is a Transitions® lens to suit you.

Clear indoors and at night, they darken in different light conditions so you will have great clarity of vision at all times. Transitions lenses also block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays so your eyes are protected from any potential damage. Transitions® are available as single vision and varifocal lenses.